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“I think that maybe [Electra’s] publicity person or agent or something was very anxious to bring this thing to the press,” Phillips said. but it’s my understanding that is not in Dennis’ handwriting and certainly does not comply with where Dennis was at the time, emotionally.“Among the things that were done, as I understand it, was some kind of a press release that was prepared by somebody other than by Dennis. I don’t know where he was physically.” “It’s important to think out marriage in general because it’s a huge commitment,” Electra would tell People a decade later.Sara Ziff, founder of Model Alliance, a group working on behalf of models, explained the situation this way: “When most people think of models, they think of supermodels who command large sums, but most working models are not supermodels.Most begin their careers as children, and work in debt to their modeling agencies.w=300" data-large-file=" w=1000" class="size-large wp-image-60983" alt="Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP" src=" w=1000&h=684" /But as with most things in paradise, the marriage began to sour as lawyers and perhaps a bit of reality sink in.Marriage officials have 10 days to submit documentation to the Clark County Recorder’s Office for a marriage to be recorded, and on the ninth day, the two decided to get it annulled.22, 1999, where he announced his intention to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The court records in Orange County, California, where Rodman filed the annulment total two pages. “Carmen and Dennis spoke several days ago and mutually agreed [to end the marriage],” said Electra’s publicist, Cindy Guagengi. “I’m representing my client, Dennis Rodman, and nobody else in this matter. Gerry Phillips, Rodman’s lawyer who filed the paperwork, said he didn’t even think the handwritten love note was from Rodman.A unified national floor of standards would protect child performers wherever they engage in work across the country.” In July last year, Congresswoman Grace Meng, a New York Democrat, introduced the “Child Performers Protection Act of 2015” (H. Among other things, it would establish set working hours and salary and savings requirements for underage models, banning the odious practice of paying models with clothes.It would also provide protections against sexual harassment. “But at least this highlights the problem.” Meanwhile, it’s business as usual in the fashion industry.Four years ago, Diane von Furstenberg, then president of The Council of Fashion Designers of America, called on designers to prevent girls under age 16 from working the Fashion Week catwalks.The Council adopted voluntary guidelines that have largely been ignored.