Dating a nerdy chick

Image Source: Women are born to gossip, except the females who come in this intellectual category of geeks.

She loves utilizing her time for reading, enhancing her IQ, doing creative things, etc.

She’s the one the thick-framed cat-eye glasses and the purple bobbed hair.

She’s wearing a Can’t Stop The Signal tee, knee-length socks, a Hogwarts sweater (Gryffindor House, of course), a pleated mini-skirt and white Chuck Taylors with Pac-Man hand painted onto them.

This keeps them updated about the recent world news and the latest best sellers.

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She’s waiting in line for the midnight release for Halo 4 and Kingdom Hearts Posterior Aphasia.The Geek Girl is the culmination of geek fantasies.She’s the one with the Triforce tattooed on one wrist and the 1-Up mushroom on the other.She will understand you better, your choices better and you will never have to hide the fact that you are still a die-hard fan of Batman. They love gadgets just like men and share the same enthusiasm. They are good listeners, understanding in nature, have a balanced mind and also share with you a lot of similar hobbies.It may be a latest apple gadget, a software, a car, or any such thing. Whether it is about playing a video game together or helping you in your college project, they can be great companions.