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A lot of people ask us if we only teach in Los Angeles when we’re in California. Then keep reading and check out what one of our students had to say about his experience: “Greetings Group!

Never the less this was an education, and I was up for it.Breakup – Facilitating the transition from couple to single, through the divorce process to re-entering the dating scene. Most authentic, down to earth material I've come across in a very long time.. Rather Catherine teaches a variety of solutions and shares resources in releasing those burdens, while refining - or in my case developing - emotional independence.Dating – Supporting singles over 50 to re-enter the dating game. that's how much all of this is held captive in my body. I understand now that my relationship with myself supersedes the relationship that led me to her to begin with.Got to say, I thought that they were kind of weird at first, and I came across asking myself “Are these guys really going to be able to help me.” Here you have a guy who looks like a rocker and then a skinny Asian dude.However, over the three days they would prove me wrong.