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Things weren’t so bad from 1260 – 1860, at least, as far as they can tell.

The researchers are convinced theirs is the first millennial-length Australian drought record. The researchers, sensibly, think we might want to pay attention to the Pacific cycles and store a bit more water.

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Things were dry during the medieval warm period, then wetter during the little ice age: When the previously published LD summer sea salt rainfall proxy and the new IPO reconstructions are combined, the three major epochs (two dry – AD 1000–1260, AD 1920-2009 and one wet – AD 1260–1860) previously identified in Vance et al. Eight IPO positive phase mega-droughts are observed, five during the first dry epoch (Fig. The longest mega-drought, of 39 y duration (AD 1174–1212), occurred at the end of a century of pronounced IPO positive drought conditions, with 80 of the 111 y period AD 1102–1212 in drought.

However the IPO differs from the PDO in that it describes the Pacific basin-wide bi-hemispheric expression of the North Pacific derived PDO [Power et al., 1999; Parker et al., 2007] Negative phases of both modes reflect La Ni˜na-like SSTA, while positive phases appear El Ni˜no-like, and phase changes occur every 20-30 y [Mantua et al., 1997; Power et al., 1999].

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This study won’t pick up droughts that happen in IPO negative times (La Nina eras) We note that we present an IPO positive subset of the drought history of eastern Australia.

However, droughts can occur at any time, a prime example being the ‘Big Dry’ or ’Millennium’ drought (1997-2009).