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This is perfect if you’re an outdoor person who loves the sun ~14.

This Week’s Highlights: This is quite similar to favorites of the month however it’s for the week plus it’s not only your favorites. I just dedicate a page for her because I feel like I’m talking to a friend. I think the things I write in my dear elle page is mostly directed to me.

Sunday’s best is practically just a chill page and you’re free to do whatever you want to do with it.11.

This Week’s Bake, Blend, Stir and Fry: I honestly just call it that way because it sounds cooler but the gist is that page is meant to be your Recipe of the week sort of thing.

100 Resons to be Happy About: I made this on my first journal (that’s when I was 11) and every time i read it, i still can’t help but smile.

This page is a major help for struggling people out there.

I often times divide it in characters like: Here’s for Haley, Alex, Luke, Phil, etc.

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The Moody Playlist: I shuffle my tunes and seek for beautiful tracks and turn them into themed playlist.

Bucket list Version 2.0: Also a classic, you can add a little twist to your bucket list by turning them into sketches instead of the old, lame bullet-ed list sort of thing.

Bonus: you can add how old, how you want to look, etc.9.

The page which makes your journal a bona fide journal.

I often times write down my to-do-list with boxes so that i can just tick off when i’m done.8.