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’ Vanity, certainly, but not without self-knowledge and a sense of humour.Having lost her confidence while going through chemotherapy, when her hair grew back she ditched the blonde dye she’d previously used to disguise her greys, and reverted to the auburn of her youth that speaks not of narcissism, but of renewed vitality.Why should vanity become a dirty word, when we women are praised from childhood for prettiness, and complimented on how we look?When I was little, whenever we went away on holiday, my ever-glamorous mother would clutch her vanity case to her bosom as though it housed the crown jewels.You might, if you wished to be unkind, call this an exercise in mass vanity.And in many ways, I would be inclined to agree — only I refuse to accept being called vain as a criticism, and claim it as a compliment instead.I was sure he felt the […] Read more What is self-esteem?Your self-esteem reflects the core beliefs you have about yourself.

Only when I had splashed out on a dress, nude tights and a pair of heels that looked the biz, and hurt like hell, did I get down to writing my speech. Yes, but I’m in no doubt that feeling and looking good only aided my delivery.One, well into her 60s, giggled as she told me that her 38-year-old daughter was finally getting married.These days Linda doesn't even go out to walk the dog without a slick of lipstick and a quick brush of the mascara wand.Contrary to the notion that once past a certain age it’s hardly worth bothering, because men stop noticing you anyway, I find it immensely cheering that, far from over-50s reconciling themselves to becoming invisible, this is when women take an even greater pride in their appearance. That’s not to say that I cared any less about my appearance in my 30s than I do now, although I certainly devoted less time to it.Going fresh-faced and natural may have given the illusion of modesty, but it was simply a viable option.