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“The modern couple creates a dual bucket list and plans on how to meet those wish list goals,” said Masini.

“And because most couples have double incomes, both parties in relationships feel that they want to be involved and know how their money is going towards investments, retirement, home savings, mortgage payoffs and more.” Surprise presents can put a smile on your partner’s face.

When you don’t talk about money with your significant other, you could be putting your relationship’s happiness at risk.Eighty-six percent of “happy” respondents said they combine at least some of their money versus 14 percent of “happy” respondents who don’t.Even sharing just one bank account can make a big difference; 61 percent of “happy” respondents share at least one bank account versus only 21 percent who have only separate accounts.The survey revealed that happy couples’ money habits are notably different from those who are unhappy.And, the bad money habits could lead to hardships down the line — and possibly a breakup.