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Dating in past generations was viewed as a means for teens to get to know one another, find suitable partners, and to eventually (God willing) marry. College men phoned their sweethearts early in the week, asking permission to take them out on the weekend.In the 1950's suitable dates entailed a couple sharing a straw at the local soda shop. Helen Sheumaker, professor at Miami University of Ohio, the roles played by men and women in relationships paralleled their economic roles; men were the providers, fronting the bills because they earned a steady income and women were the consumers, consuming beauty enhancing products and men's chivalrous attempts to win over their hearts. Dates consisted of dinner followed by a movie or ice cream.

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From an evolutionary perspective, hooking-up can be detrimental to women due to the uncertainty of maintaining the relationship after the encounter. The reason men are called gods or studs and women are called sluts should be obvious.

Shortly after that clip arrived on You Tube, it came one of the video site’s top trending videos, until its momentum suddenly stalled.

As De Franco tells it, the segment in question was deemed unfriendly to advertisers and demonetized because it included a description of a knife attack.

“They want to join this business, they want to play the game, but apparently everyone doesn’t have to play by the rules.” De Franco hasn’t said where exactly he’ll take his talents, but wherever he goes, he will be guaranteed the funding he needs to carry on.

His De Franco Elite Patreon campaign, which he launched after breaking up with his former partners at Discovery-backed Group Nine Media, has left him with the financial support he needs to take a step away from You Tube.