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If you’re dating while living with psoriasis, you might ask yourself questions like: “Who will love me with these plaques or my skin? Although we are now divorced (which had nothing to do with my disease, by the way), I learned some wonderful things from dating and being married while having psoriasis.

This article isn’t only meant for someone with psoriasis, but may also help a spouse or partner of someone who has the disease. It was about our third date and I was trying to decide how I was going to “come out the closet” about my disease.

I didn’t want to do one of those awkward sit-down talks, so I needed to figure out a way to naturally introduce it into conversation.

Luckily in the early phase of dating, people usually ask each other a lot of questions. I decided I was going to casually mention psoriasis through one of our early Q&A sessions.

Although he didn’t have psoriasis, he dealt with all the challenges that came with it because he loved me.

Although my ex and I are no longer together, with the help of meditation and counseling we’ve been able to remain friends.

There can be an embarrassing side of psoriasis that those without the disease may not understand: the flaking, itching, bleeding, depression, anxiety, doctors’ appointments, and much more. ”I’m here to tell you that romantic intimacy is definitely possible for you.

The most beautiful thing I learned from my ex is that love is most definitely more than skin-deep.

He was a witness to my depression, stress, anxiety, doctors’ appointments, flare-ups, and much more.

We became one in more ways than I had ever imagined we would.

If you’re scared about never finding the love of your life due to your psoriasis, let me assure you that you that you can — and you will.

You may encounter some clueless duds while dating, but those experiences will help catapult you closer to the person who’s meant to be in your life.