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If he's playing with Chris, he's happy to be rambunctious. If he's with the cat, he assesses her mood before approaching (clever boy).

Christopher is a little like Mia in that he'll forge his own path.

Once you've logged into the app, a little jingle erupts from the Petzi's microphone signalling that the camera is active.

In fact, I even think Danny's worked out that the red light of the active camera means treats are sure to come soon before the jingle even sounds.

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Once you've set profiles up you can also then save photos using the treat cam and can assign them to your pet's profile on Petzi.It's definitely something all the family can enjoy wherever they are, as long as they have a wi-fi connection. After it passed inspection, we had to decide where to position it.With all three dogs being different sizes (Mia being the smallest) we wanted to make sure wherever it was it was suitable for everyone.Harder treats are better, which makes sense because you can easily imagine moist treats sticking together, and of course, the size is all important too.You don't want treats getting stuck and your dog becoming frustrated if you set it to dispense while you're away from home.