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But no experience took any effect upon him ; like a gambler, even when he has lost his all, he was quite sure " the thing might be done,"' " was to be done,'' and if he could hold out long enough, ** would be done ;" and he was so confident, that he led many others into the snares, and had actually lent, out of his very small resources, five hundred francs to his young cousin, the Count Von Flit- ter, to bring him to England, as a wife and a fortune-hunter !

Lady Fathom was so young and inexperienced A WARNING TO WIVBS. engrossed by the deep melancholy and invariable dejection, which Fitzopal (acting under Major Smiley^s guidance) had assumed, that she did not perceive the devotion of the young Count Von Flitter, nor Fanny's encouragement of his attentions, until he one day called upon her, and formally requested her, in her character of elder sister and chaperon, to authorise his paying his addresses to Mademoiselle Fanny fievel, sa trop charmante et trop aimahle soeur !

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. 3 which whnne Te F it occnrred to him, had all tho horrors of novelty, from having been for a time ao totally forgotten.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I 1 J ^sim Bas ES&Esmsasss Mi Eati&^asi Eajs^, 1 Harvard College H i i Library H j^^^. As there was not a particle of unkindneaa or tyranny in poor Sir Noah^s nature, he never thought of shewing any resentment to Ada, or any coldness to her cousin, far less of desiring any cessation of his visits, or diminution of their intimacy.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Orumbleby had raised a spirit in the hithertos quiet, pre-occupied breast of old Sir Noah» 1^ spirit it is much easier to raise than to lay — ; VOL. Terrible, beca«ise "they were changes, neither would for the world have owned io the other ; and directly in 'married life, either party becomes anxious for secresy, conscience should arouse to candour.

He had talents, and many kind and good qualities, but as he was always misled by the mean ambition of marrying an heiress, he never even attempted to turn his talents to account ; and as for his good qualities, except a sort of passive good nature, they were at last giving way under the idle and frivolous and irritating na- ture of the life he led.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. After the restoration of their darling, all things went on apparently much as usual with Sir Noah and Lady Fathom ; we say apparently, hecau6)» *^tbe heart knoweth its own bitterness, an4 a stranger doth not intermeddle with its joy,^ Sir Noah rose from his bed (to which his sprain had confined him for some weeks) an altered man, but the alteration was one of those silent,. And Lady Fathom, still languid and weak from the anguish she had en- sured, connecting the restoration of her darling \dth her cousin'^s deyotion, and seeing that cou- fiin daily look sadder and paler, had admitted into her hitherto joyous, thoughtless heart, an interest which as yet was chiefly pity, but of that pity which the adage says is akin to love.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. inward changes, often imdreamt of, eyen by those who sit by our sides, or lie in our bosoms. These were two unsuspected, but terrible 'dianges in the hearts of this oddly matched, hat hitherto happy couple.

The young connt was in loye, and had made no progress at all with any of the ^^ fortunes immenses,'*'* to whomi Von Herz had presented him — Baron Von Herz, who was certainly rather a warning than an example to foreign wife-hunters, since he had been on the look-out for an English woman with a large fortune, from the time he was slen- der five-and-twenty, till now that On his forebead middle-age Had slightly pressed its signet sage, — now that his thick light hair had worn a little away at the crown, in a circle like the tonsure of a monk, — ^now what was taken from the head seemed added to the whiskers and moustaches, — now that he looked rather jovial than sentimen- tal, had a figure like George the Fourth in Law- rence^s picture — had made countless offers, and A WAHHWa TO WIVES.

been even engaged twenty timea, and was yet liring in a second-floor, on a very small income, -bat with an imiuenae circle of acqimntance, and working as hard for mere hopes, every night and all ni^ht long, at polkas, mazourkas, raizes a deux temps, cellariuses, and quadriltea — ob railway men do by day, for excellent wages.