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Generally, there is far more concern about the carcinogenic impact of food than the evidence to support this.

For example, three important pesticides are often implicated as carcinogenic: diazinon, malathion and glycophosphate.

The first step to rational management of food safety practices is forming an understanding of the health burden of unsafe food and where it is coming from.

Vietnam had 125 000 new cases of cancers reported in 2012 (140 cases per 100 000 population); this is predicted to increase to 190 000 new cases by 2020, when 75 000 deaths will result from cancers per year (84 deaths per 100 000 population) [].

Rather, it is the predicament of a food system that has developed in a way that provides little rewards for those who practice good safety, but high rewards for those who carry out bad and unsafe practices [].

A common response to the concerns over food safety is an attempt to strengthen regulations, and ramp up inspections and punishments. For example, during the week of , 80 pigs from Dong Nai Province were found to have been contaminated with salbutamol, with the farm owner being fined VND 25 million (approximately US$ 1 100) and all the contaminated pigs being disposed of [ July 2016.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.Food-borne diseases are attracting a lot of attention in Vietnam as a result of repeated episodes of adulterated and unsafe food.In this paper, we provide some perspectives on food safety in Vietnam from the point of view of an international research institution working on food safety with partners in the country.And this is just the latest in a long line of food scares, which include: pesticide residues in vegetables; antibiotic and banned veterinary residues in meat; urea used for fish conservation; salvaging and consuming of spoiled animal-sourced food; and high levels of microbial contamination in meat.The Vietnamese media gives a lot of attention to food safety issues when famous people pass away at a young age from cancers, asking whether there is something wrong with our food.