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Also included is information, services, or products that help other businesses plan, manage, and market their enterprises.

Multi-level marketing ventures are included when the focus is on running the business.

This category does not include phishing, which tries to perpetrate fraud or theft by stealing account information.

URLs for servers that host images, media files, or Java Script for one or more sites and are intended to speed up content retrieval for existing Web servers, such as Apache.

This category includes websites that exploit kindness or ignorance such as fraudulently collecting money for a charity, or running fraudulent investment schemes.

Content servers hosting images do not allow users to browse the photos.

This category includes URLs that distribute or execute any browser exploit.

Web pages that provide business-related information, such as corporate overviews or business planning and strategies.

Anonymizer Web pages will also block any tracking technologies, such as cookies or browser history.

Some methods also prevent OS version and Web page history from being forwarded to the Web page.