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But Lerner says The Grade is not about creating a separation between the haves and have-nots of online dating, but merely about booting the people who do things like send unsolicited pictures of their manhood to other users, or stand up someone they were supposed to meet on a the idea of rating other human beings as palatable in a dating app as it is in an app like Uber.When Peeple, the “Yelp for humans,” was announced recently, there was an outpouring of anger from the media and the general public.The Grade lacks the specificity that can be the most stinging part of anonymous online gossip, which is essentially what apps like Lulu are.Lerner thinks that reviews, in some form, are the logical next step of dating apps. It might be winter but Sofia Richie soaked up the sun in Miami on Friday, December 8, where she flaunted a teeny white bikini.The model, 19, hung out on the Florida beach where she was just spotted with boyfriend Scott Disick earlier this week – but this time she had […] *very vulnerable post & may be triggering* Ahhhh change room lighting 🙄 the lighting that can make you go from having a good day to wtf my body looks like that????In its first iteration, The Grade relied on an algorithm to weed out the worst people on the app, and garnered more than 100,000 downloads.But Lerner admits using an algorithm was probably too broad of a brush, and he says user feedback, mostly from women on the app, led his team to the idea of letting people dictate the rating — not machines.

With Peeple or Lulu, you can blindside someone with a horrible review even though they never consented to the app in the first place. His argument is that the ratings in The Grade are different.

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And you get the sense Lerner feels like his app has been misunderstood.

Part of this may be his own fault, with a name like “The Grade,” and literally a grading system for humans, a bit of elitism feels implied.