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We’re here to discuss this week’s ITV special, Billy Connolly & Me, to mark those five decades entertaining us. The specialist here in America kept me off it until I got to a certain point and then she put me on it. He’s now 74 but still likes nothing more than to plonk his bottom in the funny stuff of life. Such is Billy’s way of looking at life, he’s never really wallowed in self-pity. Take, for example, the ‘pals’ he’s made along the way: legends such as Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John and Eric Idle, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, the Duchess of York. He and I were having a cup of tea with friends and someone was saying something about the working class or trade unions. You have to give your own self and I did it after that.’ He pauses.

Luckily, their house was spared so they have a lot to celebrate…Photo Credit: AKM-GSI at exactly the same location in Bay Ridge, used in the movie.It’s now a Chinese restaurant, but Mech had a special lighted dancefloor built and redecorated the place for his party.Photo Credit: AKM-GSI They got married over nine years ago and still act like newlyweds.Ellen and Portia are happily shopping in West Hollywood, but they had a close call a few days ago.