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Merchants Quay Ireland is now delivering services in 11 counties across Ireland and in the prison system.It has increased services in the Midlands region to keep pace of the growing need.A total of 6,539 people used MQI homeless services last year.More than 10,000 individuals with needs spanning addiction, mental health and homelessness approached MQI for help.Meanwhile, in order to address the growing national drug problem, MQI opened a 10 bed detox facility on its site in St Francis farm, to “provide some sort of pathway out of methadone for people”.There are 10 beds in there, which represents “about a third of national provision”.The website’s contents menu neatly delineates the various aspects of MQI’s work.The organisation’s extensive and diverse research output over the past ten years is available to download and the research page also contains links to many other organisations’ publications on drugs and homelessness.

, Geoghegan said that the “conundrum for ourselves and other voluntary agencies” is that they see more people are affected, but the resources are “diminishing as well”.

The site also has a short guide to MQI services in Polish and Russian translation.

The Media page is a very useful source of concise factual information on drug use, homelessness and the work of MQI for those who need information quickly and who may not be familiar with these subjects.

THE CHARITY FOR the homeless, Merchant’s Quay, saw increasing numbers accessing its services last year, and its drugs services “stretched to capacity”.

Its annual review, which is released this morning, shows that its day and evening services provided over 73,000 meals in 2011, up from 64,000 the previous year.