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He once was known for roles like this, and it's exciting to see him once again depict this sort of idealistic, fiercely committed intellectual willing to stand up and speak truth to power.

Ahn portrays him not as some kind of persecuted saint, but as a cantankerous, difficult man with faults of his own.

My elevator pitch shorthand about my personal interest in sports has become that I'm more an anthropologist of sport than a fan per se.

This is mainly why I have a strong interest in Sports films.

(Written on April 25) Reviewed below: Unbowed (Jan 18) -- Pacemaker (Jan 18) -- Howling (Feb 16) -- Talking Architect (Mar 8) -- Helpless (Mar 8) -- Gabi (Mar 15) -- Architecture 101 (Mar 22) -- In Another Country (Mar 31) -- As One (May 3) -- Two Weddings and a Funeral (Jun 21) -- Dangerously Excited (Jul 12) -- Two Moons (Jul 12) -- Horror Stories (Jul 25) -- The Thieves (Jul 25) -- The Neighbors (Aug 22) -- Pieta (Sep 6) -- Ghost Sweepers (Oct 3) -- A Werewolf Boy (Oct 31) -- White Night (Nov 15) -- The Winter of the Year Was Warm (Nov 15) -- Juvenile Offender (Nov 22) -- National Security (Nov 22) -- Watcha Wearin'? Kim had been fired by his university for pointing out an error committed by his colleagues on the school's entrance exam.

Suing for reinstatement, he lost his case after a series of what he believed were highly biased rulings by the judge.

(As a former Clevelander, there is also the emotional bond of disappointment in constant defeat.

The Le Bron-led Cavs have momentarily disrupted this, only to return to the Cleveland baseline of depression during the NBA Championship losses of 2006-7 & 2014-15.) But there are intellectual pleasures as well of sports being a microcosm of political, economic, and social issues pertinent to a particular nation or region.

From the Lunar New Year in January until the middle of April, a string of local films held the top spot at the box office, including Dancing Queen, Unbowed, Nameless Gangster, Love Fiction, Helpless, and Architecture 101.

Park's character finds an important ally in a journalist played by Kim Ji-ho, and their close (too close?

) partnership is one of the film's other highlights.

It seemed highly unlikely that lightning would strike twice, but apparently, ordinary citizens' anger at the judicial system was enough to support two blockbuster hits.

Despite its very modest budget and lack of popular young stars, Unbowed touched off another media firestorm and would ultimately sell an astonishing 3.4 million tickets.