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At the MTV VMAs, Drake presents Rihanna with her Video Vanguard Award; in his speech, he bares his heart to both her and the VMA audience, revealing that he is in love with Ri Ri.“She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old. All my adult life, I’ve looked up to her even though she’s younger than me.” After delivering this heartfelt and highly vulnerable sentiment, Aubrey Drake Graham boldly attempts to passionately kiss Rihanna, at which point, she curbs him and allows him to chastely kiss her on the cheek.“This extremely rare finding of a near complete specimen, like the discovery of the baby mammoth Lyuba in 2007, will be a boon to researchers as it will help them link observed phenotypes (morphological features that we can see) with genotype (DNA sequences).” Such information could help reveal whether or not mammoths had all of the same hair colors that humans do.An intriguing and controversial application would be to bring a mammoth back to life via cloning.The carcass is in such good shape that much of its flesh is still intact, retaining its pink color.

Kevin Campbell of the University of Manitoba also studied Yuka.

Much like the handles of supermarket trolleys, bathroom doorknobs, staircase handrails and computer keyboards, the majority of samples and applicators available at makeup vendors are caked with mould and bacteria.

The juvenile mammoth was found entombed in Siberian ice near the shores of the Arctic Ocean and shows signs of being cut open by ancient people.

The remarkably well preserved frozen carcass was discovered in Siberia as part of a BBC/Discovery Channel-funded expedition and is believed to be at least 10,000 years old, if not older.

If further study confirms the preliminary findings, it would be the first mammoth carcass revealing signs of human interaction in the region.