Sedating children for dental work

You needn’t be afraid of sedation or general anesthesia for your child, but you should ask questions, said Dr.Raj Vij, administrative director of pediatric dentistry at Akron Children’s Hospital.• Keep in mind, if you have dental insurance, it may only cover certain types of services.

Sedating children is sometimes necessary in order to perform dental work – even for something as simple as filling a cavity.

Infection not only causes pain, it affects quality of life and can lead to serious problems and hospitalization.

“We want to avoid using sedation if at all possible,” Dr. “We stress the importance of prevention, starting a child with a dentist early, by age 1.

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to sedation for dental work, especially when sedating children.

However, different forms of sedation can be used during a pediatric dental procedure and, when administered properly, are completely safe.