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While the coal industry may be declining, regulation isn't the only factor.Is this new spot getting a break from that congestion? Mr Roban welcomed Deputy Captain Alan Hawkins and crew of the sixth largest of eight ships currently in service with P&O Cruises.He said in a press release: Visitors have been cruising to Bermuda for more than a century and, today, we welcome more than ever before in three port of calls.

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The service begun on Monday when junior minister for tourism Kenny Bascome rode with the crew, assisting some of 650 passengers who took the trip from west to east on the first day.Since 1966, there has not been a regularly-scheduled passenger shipping service to Bermuda.Since then, ships serving Bermuda year-round from both the USA and elsewhere in the world have been freight-only vessels.Mayor Quinell Francis and area MP Kenneth Bascome celebrated the ships arrival in the historic town in a brief press conference yesterday afternoon.Meanwhile, Senator Michael Fahy, the tourism minister, said the vessels arrival was the culmination of long-term efforts to bring small cruise ships back to St Georges.