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(Note: We will publish the source code for the extension on Git Hub in about a month so that you can improve upon or evolve the extension to support other accessibility checker services.) Now, let’s go over this new extension in a little more detail.To get started, open a supported version of Visual Studio such as VS 2013, 2015 Preview or the free Visual Studio Community.Browser Link menu Finally, it is worth noting that static html files cannot be evaluated in the debug mode unless you take some additional steps.You must add code to your web.config file as seen here: Using Browser Link in Visual Studio.For example, any dynamically rendered HTML or Java Script will be included in this evaluation.Note: You can disable the Tenon HTML Accessibility Checker pop up window by unchecking the Enable Tenon Browser Extension option on the Browser Link drop down menu.

The description of each issue includes a brief description, and a link to Tenon’s best practices, which include instructions on how to address the issue.

Choosing to display only Errors will minimize false positives but may omit valid warnings.

Tenon HTML Accessibility Checker pop-up window Click Validate on the Tenon HTML Accessibility Checker pop-up window to evaluate the static HTML.

From the Solution Explorer, select the Project, then right-click and choose Debug Start new instance.

Your preferred browser will launch with the default page and the Tenon HTML Accessibility Checker pop-up window will be displayed.