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I have used it to develop robust applications and add-ins.This has not only helped me save time, but also made me a valuable resource to my employers.This learning process was a lot of trial and error for me.I spent a lot of time searching the internet for solutions, and copying & pasting code.

I learned more detail this morning than I ever expected from an intro. The video was clear and the audio quality was excellent.

This allows you to practice each concept and get a better understanding of what you are learning.​We start with the basics by learning the core concepts of the VBA language, and slowly progress to building robust applications and add-ins.

In the Module 3 you will learn how to setup Excel for development, and how to use the VB Editor.

Overall, a professionally developed course, excellent interface and an easy-to-listen-to instructor. The short videos also make it easy to come back and re-watch a video on a specific topic to get a refresher.​​Learning VBA can get overwhelming in a hurry.

So I have designed this course to allow you to consume the content in bite-sized chunks.