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While watching yesterday, every so often, La Beouf would look into the camera and remind us, “you’re all invited”.I wanted to step through my screen and join, both when people filled it, singing and dancing, but also when they were alone, concern registering in their voice as they repeated the words to an anonymous audience.is art trio, La Beouf, Rönkkö & Turner’s, latest performance piece – a durational project that will stream all day, every day for four years or until Donald Trump is no longer President.Launched at 9am EST on Friday January 20 (the day of Trump’s inauguration) it captures a corner outside of New York’s Museum of Moving Image.

This knowledge makes the performance equal parts frightening as it is exciting.

Last night, I tuned in to see a group of young people singing Bob Marley and Kendrick Lamar songs.

It’s day five now, and La Beouf is currently chanting, clapping and dancing on my screen.

Speaking exclusively with Dazed Digital, Turner mused, “It is art’s role, now more than ever, to offer resistance, to continually question, and to provide a stimulus for new beginnings”.

Rönkkö urged, “Keep fighting”, and La Beouf declared: “life is in session it’s fuck or walk time & we need each other” is truly looking to do what it says on its tin – that is, to bring people together – then in just five days, it has.