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m = minimum number of ratings required for an item to appear in a 'top-rated' chart (currently 10). Mashonda Tifrere (born January 9, 1979), is an American R&B recording artist from Harlem, New York City, New York. The rapper, once criticized for sounding a lot like Biggie, delivered a video message live from Belize. G.” Then, he launched into his “Bad Boyz” smash as Diddy looked on. We have to remember why we’re here and say happy birthday and celebrate his life, as opposed to mourning his death.” Another major surprise came from Shyne.

After kicking off their “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour” on Friday with Jay Z, Nas, Usher, and Mary J. : : : : : #Music Business #Nigerian Music #Nigeria #Capetown #Music Industry #Uganda #London #ghana #Abuja #Africa #durban #china #South Africa #Germany #brazil #newyork #Houston #kenya #BADBOYREUNION #Lekki #tanzania #france #liberia #Afrobeat #drake #congo #angola #music @tracenigeria @officialhiptv @soundcityafrica @afromusicpop @mtvbaseafrica @bet_africa A video posted by N. Instead, Puff and his crew are taking this show on the road with a 25-date “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour,” launching Aug. From there, the team will hit several cities in North America before finishing things off in Oakland, Calif. #badboyfamilyreuniontour is coming to a city near you! I give all glory to God for this opportunity to come and see all of our true BADBOY FANS LIVE AND IN CONCERT! Lucious is smitten, but it’s hard to tell if Giuliana is feeling the same. He’s asked Tory Ash to write Nessa some hits, but when Tory swings into their meeting two hours late, she explains that Lucious has her on a tight contract for But maybe, just maybe, she can make an exception and write one thing for Nessa. When Tory leaves, Andre asks Giuliana what the deal is with her and his father. Cookie, on the other hand, is a master of gestures both big small.Cookie interrupts Lucious’ reverie and hears the song, which he’s playing on the speakers in his office. “We met a long time ago,” she explains, “and he didn’t remember me, so clearly I didn’t make an impression.” Is she lying to Andre or to herself? And Cookie likes grand gestures, drama, showmanship. Case in point: the way she side-eyes Giuliana when they meet in Empire’s lobby with Andre and Lucious. Even if she’s a bit hurt, she’s always honest about the music. “Maybe you and he will have a much smoother ride than we did,” he says.Meanwhile, Jamal is choosing some retro cover art for propose to Cookie. This meeting triggers another flashback, and we see how Giuliana and Lucious met: He came up to her at a casino, she played coy; he made her watch him play roulette, she started throwing big terms around like “house edge.” A match made in hell.